Handmade in the finest leather goods workshops in Spain.
Shiny patent cowhide leather from Italian tanneries.
Brass clasp polished then dipped in a gold bath.
Goat velvet leather interior from Spanish tanneries.
The bag is delivered in a neutral colour box with a cotton pouch inside.


Our high quality leathers require very little maintenance. 

They will acquire a patina and become more beautiful over time. 

As with all leather, avoid contact with water and scratches from jewellery (rings, bracelets, etc.).

How do I take care of my bag?

Shiny patent leather : Can be cleaned very easily with a non-abrasive cloth (e.g. glasses cloth). It will regain its full shine.

Matt leather: You can apply a colourless leather balm two to three times a year.

Lining Clean with a dry suede brush.

In exceptional cases, goat suede leather may rub off on contact with a light-coloured object when it is damp.

Storage When not worn, keep away from light and moisture, taking care to keep the shape of the bag. It can be padded with tissue paper.

To learn more about how our products are made, visit the Leather Goods of Excellence page.

Further information

Weight0.65 kg
Dimensions35 × 14 × 8 cm
Package weight

0.6 kg