Maintenance : 

Our high quality leathers require very little maintenance. 

They will acquire a patina and become more beautiful over time. 

As with all leather, avoid contact with water and scratches from jewellery (rings, bracelets, etc.).

How do I care for my leather?

Glossy patent leather : Cleans very easily with a non-abrasive cloth (e.g. glasses cloth). It will regain all its shine.

Matt leather: You can apply two to three times a year with a colourless leather balm.

Lining Clean with a dry suede brush.

In exceptional cases, goat suede leather may rub off on contact with a light-coloured object when it is damp.


When not worn, keep away from light and moisture.


Further information

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions21 × 16 × 2 cm