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AÏMA is a high-end leather goods house created in 2019 in Paris by Soukeïna, a leather craftswoman.
Soukeïna is inspired by a clever mix of cultures from both shores of the Mediterranean to create pieces with pure and timeless lines.
Passionate designer and demanding leatherworker, Soukeïna promotes craftsmanship through hand-made pieces combining the know-how of several European countries.

But what does AÏMA mean?

Aïma is the contraction of the first and last name of Soukeïna's maternal grandmother (Aïcha El Hmam). In this way, the creator pays homage to this strong woman who still inspires her today. Kenza is the first name of her paternal grandmother.

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Our signature

The iconic AÏMA clasp is the result of months of research.
This jewel is the quintessence of the story of these two women: beauty, elegance and solidity.
To find out more about how our products are made, visit the Leather Goods of Excellence page.