sketch of aima leather bag

Leather, a noble material

Leather is the main element of the bag. You will appreciate the quality of our products to the touch.

The leather we use comes only from Italian and Spanish tanneries that have been working for decades with the biggest names in luxury leather goods.

These partner tanneries are recognized for their expertise in tanning, finishing and the quality of their leather, but also for their commitment to environmental protection and traceability.

manufacture bag leather aima

The know-how

AÏMA bag is passed down from generation to generation.

This is why we have sought and found craftsmen who excel in their field and who can therefore meet our quality requirements.

It is in Ubrique, a white village typical of the "pueblos blancos" of Andalusia, nestled in the mountains, that these Master Craftsmen put their know-how into practice. Spanish stronghold of high quality leather goods, here, each leather craftsman has his own tool, a precious heritage handed down through the generations.

model gold clasp aima

Jewellery - the AÏMA signature

In the world of leather goods, jewellery is the result of a know-how in its own right.

The jewellery is the magnificent clasp with the pure and elegant lines of Kenza, the first baguette bag of AÏMA.

The jewellery must meet the requirements of elegance and aesthetics, but also durability and functionality, which is the guarantee of Kenza's quality.

Our iconic clasp is made of brass, cut using the milling technique, then polished and finally dipped in a gold bath. The finish is 0.5my gold.

All these steps allow the clasp of the Kenza to keep its original aspect through time.

inspiration leather bag kenza

100% Made in Europe

Respect for the environment

By working with European partners, we make sure that we collaborate with actors who respect the environment and the social rights of their employees.

The Italian tanneries from which we source our leather are subject to European legislation on Classified Environmental Protection Facilities (ICPE). These standards are among the most demanding in the world.

These tanneries are regularly inspected to ensure that they comply with current standards.

Respect for social rights

The worldwide reputation of our partners' know-how and their membership of the EU are a guarantee of their compliance with European labour law legislation.

Reducing our carbon footprint

With a 100% European production, we considerably reduce the distance between our workshops and your dressing room.